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Adrian. B. Smith

Adrian B. Smith, M.A., was a Catholic missionary priest who had been practising Transcendental Meditation since 1976 and the TM-Sidhi techniques since 1978. He was the founder of the Christian TM Group in Britain.

German version


kaguya tochter des mondes

Transcendental Meditation from a Christian Viewpoint

A Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

Adrian B. Smith

72 pages
Paperback 12 x 19 x 0,5 cm 90 g
ISBN 9783988370068

7,50 €

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When Adrian B. Smith published this booklet in 1993, he wrote: Transcendental Meditation has come to us just at the moment in our history when humanity needs it most: a technique to enable the inner life to develop, to provide a path to a greater awareness, a means to deepen our relationships with others and with the cosmos, a tool with which to handle stress, a method to awaken the mind to the presence of the Divine in creation and within our innermost being.
It is a purely natural mental technique and is not in itself a religious practice. However, since it contributes positively to the full and harmonious development of body, mind and spirit, it is invaluable for Christians to enable them to become, as St Paul says ‘... mature people reaching to the very height of Christ’s full stature.’ (Eph. 4:13)

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