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margery williamsMargery Williams (1881 – 1944) mainly wrote popular children’s books. The classic »The Velveteen Rabbit« is her best-known work. It was published in 1922 and brought her lasting fame.

beljana marion metje

Beljana Marion Metje is an artist, illustrator, dancer and choreographer. She graduated from the Cologne University of Music and Dance (ZZT). She founded the artist residency Nangilima in the El Hierro Biosphere Reserve (Canary Islands) and creates, performs and illustrates throughout Europe.


the velveteen rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit

Or How Toys Become Real

Illustrated by Beljana Marion Metje

by Margery Williams

32 pages  Large Print
22 x 28 x 0,2 cm 136 g
ISBN  ‎ 978-3988370099

7,66 $

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The velveteen rabbit has a big dream. When he sees the wild rabbits frolicking in the small wood behind the house, he wants to come alive himself and be able to jump around just like them. The old, shabby skin horse has explained to him that toys can actually come to life if a child not only plays with them, but loves them more than anything. How good that the boy, who got the rabbit for Christmas, takes him more and more into his heart. Eventually they dream of going to the seaside together. But then everything turns out quite differently. Will the rabbit’s loyalty and love be rewarded in the end and his heart’s desire fulfilled?

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